Golf Club 101 and Finding Cheap Golf Clubs

Whether you are a newbie or an intermediate golf player, it is always quite unnerving to learn about golf clubs, and think about all the technical specifications that go with purchasing an entire set.

You know that each type of club has to be specifically tailor-fit to your swing, trajectory goals and other factors.  Another challenge that golf enthusiasts encounter is the fact that purchasing golf equipment can be an expensive experience, especially if you do not know what you are purchasing and is encouraged to buy golf clubs that you don’t need.  The best thing to know is where to find cheap golf clubs.  It is possible to purchase cheap golf clubs without sacrificing quality. Online golf discount retailers such as may have the perfect club that you need at a super affordable price. In fact, they are among the top discount retailers of golf equipment and accessories.

Here is a short lesson on golf club categories and the technical specifications of golf clubs. We will also recommend good models of golf clubs in each category.

ClubsThe driver or 1 wood is typically the longest club in your golf bag.  It is so specialized that it is actually the most expensive among all the other clubs that you will have.  You don’t have to worry about their prices. You can purchase cheap golf clubs of the same brand and caliber from qualified online retailers like

It has the largest club head, and there are actually several club head sizes to choose from, with the standard being 460 cc.  Some players go 440 cc or lower.  It really depends on your skill. The higher the number, the more forgiving the club head is, particularly for off-center shots.

Some of the highest rated drivers in the market are Callaway’s XR Driver and Great Big Bertha, TaylorMade’s M1 and M2, and the Cobra Fly-Z XL Driver.

Fairway Woods

These “woods” used to be made from actual wood, particularly the hardy persimmon.  Nowadays, they are made from titanium and other composite materials.  The usual fairway woods are the 3, 5, and 7 wood clubs. Fairway woods usually come with a graphite shaft.  They are used for fairway shots that are longer, and some players use fairway woods instead of drivers. TaylorMade Aeroburner and R15 are both good fairway woods.  Other top rated fairway woods are the Callaway XR-Pro, Cobra Golf Fly-Z XL, and the Adams Golf-Blue Fairway Wood. You can order these cheap golf clubs through the website.


Irons are versatile and useful, and they are available in different types.  You should purchase your iron sets with a lot of thought.

Golf ClubsGolfers use irons in every hole.  They are usually purchased as a set containing about 6 to 8 irons per set. When you purchase a typical iron set, you usually get iron numbers 3 to 9.  It also comes with either a Pitching Wedge or a Gap Wedge.
There are three basic types of irons and they are grouped according to your skill level.  There are maximum game improvement irons, game improvement irons, and player’s irons.

Maximum game improvement irons are usually called Cavity Back because of the large hollow portion at the back of the club head.  Beginners usually use this type of iron.

Game improvement irons have smaller back cavities.  This type of iron is made for most types of skill levels.
The type used by professionals and highly skilled golfers is called Player’s iron.  They are characterized by what is called a Cavity Muscle Back.  Their blades have a flat back without cavity.

Notable iron sets are Cobra Fly-Z XL, Adams Golf-Blue, Tour Edge Golf – Exotics E8, Callaway XR Irons, and TaylorMade Golf Aeroburner.

Golf Club Heads

In beginner sets, most golf club heads are made of materials such as zinc, aluminum and titanium alloys. Larger drivers use HST aluminum.  Professional iron heads use stainless steel. Titanium is the most expensive material for golf club heads because it combines the best elements of excellent strength and durability and lightweight material.

Golf heads are designed in various shapes depending on weight distribution, size and styling.

Golf Club Shafts

Golf club shafts are equally important as the material of our club heads. These days, most shafts are made of either graphite or steel.  Graphite shafts are ideally used by women, senior citizens, people with joint problems, and if you are a beginner who want to improve your game. Graphite shafts actually reduce weight by a considerable amount and they also reduce the shock at impact.

If you want to purchase cheap golf clubs and other golf accessories, come visit our online store at  We represent most top golfing brands, and our available clubs are some of the highest-rated ones, according to professionals and other golfing experts.

4 Signs That Say a Motivational Speaker Is Doing It Wrong

Although it takes a while for a motivational speaker to really claim success in this business, you do not have to wait too long to stop and rethink your plans. There are four signs that say you are doing it wrong, and they are actually easy to spot.

1. Your cheerleader friend has more friends on Facebook and more followers on Instagram and Twitter than you do.

A Motivational Speaker is likely to fail if he has weak social media presence. Having less friends and followers than your other friends only shows how bad your social media marketing strategy is, if ever you have one to begin with.

Having a strong social media presence is important because most people frequent various sites more often than they watch television. Furthermore, real-time interaction is important for your customer relations management, especially when you are targeting a specific community.

2. No one is returning your calls and emails despite an aggressive marketing campaign.

You probably think that this is an obvious sign, but believe us when we say that it actually isn’t, as far as digital marketers and agents are concerned anyway.

Motivational SpeakerCold calls and emails as part of telemarketing and direct mail marketing efforts are originally meant to convert leads. However, as the apathy of people increases towards advertisements and marketing materials, chances of converting also drop immensely. To compensate for this preferential shift, an agent of a motivational speaker instead aims to increase online presence and market exposure to give his client an impression of popularity. Direct conversion is deliberately dropped in exchange for long-term benefits.

Normally, this is an effective strategy for speakers who have yet to gain popularity. However, if mere exposure is still not enough to secure a decent number of clients, they you are doing something that may not be a marketing problem to begin with.Perhaps, the problem is in the packaging or in the speaker’s ability. Either way, it should be a clear sign that something is not right.

3. Lots of potential clients repeatedly ask for references.

References in this context do not only pertain to contacts. For the most part, they refer to online-based portfolio, such as a YouTube channel where samples of your performances can be watched, a cloud-based portal where samples of your speeches can be downloaded, and a website where more professional information about you are revealed.

SpeakerNowadays, a digital portfolio is a crucial part of any marketing campaign. Even the most popular motivational speaker knows this. If you do not have a compilation until now, it clearly shows that you are not investing on digital marketing enough.

Create a YouTube channel where you can upload videos of the events you have organized and had been a guest in. Also encourage your followers to upload their own videos of you. Setting up a website is ideal, but if you lack funds, start by creating various social media accounts where you can interact with followers and interested parties in real time. You are also recommended to hire professional editors to make sure that everything in your portfolio are up to par.

If you have no materials to use as portfolio, better start collecting now, starting with a videographer and speech writer who can help you.

4. No one wants a “meet and greet” session with you after your events.

It is common for events nowadays to have a “meet and greet” session with the special guests and speakers as part of their networking efforts. However, if attendees are not exactly excited about meeting, then it only confirms that they attended because of someone or something else. It is either you have been poorly promoted or your speech is simply not convincing enough.

You are probably wondering why the lack of satisfying income is not included in the listed signs. Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not a valid sign.

We have been telling novice motivational speakers over and over again that it takes two years on average before this venture becomes financially rewarding. It takes at least a year before you see money coming in, but it might only be enough to cover a part of your total expenses. Not earning well during the first two years of your career does not imply that you are doing it wrong, although earning a lot during this period clearly shows that you are doing it outrageously right.

The 21st Century in Digital Signage


Bright lights in big bustling cities, LED displays of blinking, and not to mention,Moving advertisements -These are the stuff that makes up the world as we know it today. Thank to the advances of technology, the quality of how we live has developed in leaps and bounds, especially in the media industry. The digitization of anything and everything has become so commonplace that it has grown to be an accepted way of life.

Many people are visual-creative_teamThey are attracted to images and more again so when the images are moving and are audiovisual in form. This is one of the main reasons why digital signage have become so popular, especially in the advertising and media industries.

The digital signage is a digital display that relies on a hardware and a software platform to deliver its electronic message or content. In order for it to work, technologies such as LCD, LED and projection are used to stream texts, images and videos for display.

The digital signage is used for a wide variety of purposes such as public information as well as internal information. It is also very much utilized for advertising, brand building, influencing customers and enhancing their experiences. Since the content is aimed towards the public, these signage are found in spaces such as malls, retail stores, restaurants, public transport systems and in streets.

By using this type of technology, you or your company will reap a lot of benefits. First of all, as mentioned earlier, consumers are mostly visual. Digital signs are sure to grab the attention of people especially when you make use of compelling images, videos and texts. Second is the information factor. Digital signs can be easily updated with new and important announcements. The interactivity of digital signs is also a plus. There are many digital signs now that call for the Technology-Unlimited-Ga-Logoconsumers to engage through touch screens, for an instance. Digital signs are also very economical compared to the traditional means of posting advertisements, bulletins and announcements in their static forms. Since digital signs are so versatile, all the advertisements, bulletins and announcements are centralized to just one system.

In the past, the digital signage needed multiple software applications to make it work but as always, with the fast track of technology, there are newly developed breakthroughs wherein all the functions needed to run the signage are already contained in only one Software_Applicationapplication. These includes the scheduler which, as the term suggests, helps time images and videos as they play through the day; the player which launches up the digital sign and the creator, the interface wherein one can specify the layout you want for your signage—videos, slideshows, images, text, date and time, bulletins, tickers, even Twitter feeds to keep up with the trend of the time!

An upgrade in technology has also given the digital signage a boost in terms of economics and user-friendliness. Even if you are not techie-savvy, operating the new versions of the digital signage will no longer stump you. Developers have made sure that the new models will be easier to operate with its simple and easy to understand features. They are also more economical because the design has been improved so as to make them more energy efficient compared to the earlier models or versions. Audio-visual specialists have also mobpronounced the new digital signage as sharper and smoother compared to those in the past, therefore you can be sure that they are really visually appealing.

Digital signage’s simply keep on getting better and better as time passes by. They work well so it is best that you learn to maximize their potential by getting one.

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